The Lewisham Islamic Centre is situated in the South London Borough of Lewisham and has a thriving community that participates in social and religious activities on a weekly basis.

lew imageA vast amount of people will visit the centre every week and is very popular with people of various ages.

The centre is open for daily prayers and can accommodate up to One Thousand people, with an addition building available if required.

Other services that the centre provides are advice on Religion, Lawyer Surgery’s, Scouts Group, Marriage Solemnisation, the Young Muslim Academy and Wing Chung self defense classes.

To keep up to date and view the centre’s latest videos , you can visit the Official Lewisham Islamic Centre YouTube Channel.

The centre’s address is 363-365 Lewisham High St, London SE13 6NZ and phone number is 020 8690 5090 or visit the Just Giving page at

Every home and commercial property requires a dependable rubbish collection service to handle all wastes. Some of the wastes from homes and offices or business centres cannot be recycled. Such wastes must be disposed from the living environment to avoid accidents. Rubbish does not only pollute the environment but could also cause injuries especially rubbish from a construction or a house renovation site. Industrial wastes left to flow to the environment could lead to diseases depending on their chemical composition.

Rubbish collection services such as Junk Way aim at disposing wastes in the most environment-friendly manner. A good rubbish removal by Vonvil Junk service should be available and accessible to its clients beyond its normal collection schedule. Sometimes houses and corporations hold events or unplanned meetings that leave rubbish behind. Rubbish collection services are readily available in Golders Green.

A reliable rubbish collection service should offer the following services:

  • Dispose residential and commercial wastes at the agreed collection dates
  • Recycle and treat residential wastes
  • Dispose electronic wastes
  • Provide storage equipment or bins for all kinds of wastes
  • Affordable rubbish collection services
  • Home cleaning and clearance services
  • Event waste disposal services

If you are looking for a good rubbish collection service to hire in Golders Green, the list of services outlined above should guide you in selecting the best. It is advisable to contract a collection service that offers all waste management services. Loft Clearance Services in London.

Junk Way is a dependable collection service with competent and skilled staff that can handle all kinds of wastes. The company disposes and recycles all wastes including residential, commercial and electronic wastes. Visit our website to find out how you can benefit from our affordable services in your area.

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Employment-LawyersEmployment lawyers are the people who knows how to help and any business or employee on all the employment issues. yes you may think you can handle it yourself, but in most cases that will result in you loosing the case or not getting what you want.  That’s why it’s vital you hire an experienced employment lawyer, especially in a city like London.

What does an Employment Lawyer do?

So many businesses are having their own lawyer, but if you are small and medium size business, then you might as well hire on a jobs basis lawyer for all the maters. Now in this article you will see why and how and where to look when searching for any employment lawyers in city of London or anywhere in UK.

Just like other round of regulation, employment or labour law retains a really special location in society and for that reason is treated as one of one of the most important locations that establishes the civil liberties and also responsibilities of both the worker and employer specifically. In a similar way when conflicts arise within the workplace in between the previously mentioned events, the solutions of an employment legal representative or attorney can be acquired.

A work legal representative can be entrusted with a number of obligations. However a work attorney reserves the right to show up on behalf of either a corporation where particular complaints may have been leveled against it or a worker wanting his or her civil liberties protected and compensation paid in due course based greatly on the intensity of the problem available.

Since employment regulation is an intricate area of the regulation which would certainly need cautious and also attention be paid to all facts as well as specifics in question, an ideally fit lawyer well versed in the locations of this subject would certainly be the demand of the hour. Largely discrimination is among the usual disagreements that may arise from a worker’s point of view as well as this is where a labour attorney may explore the matter if the target was denied a placement in the business based upon faith, race or sex. Conversely inspecting a contract of employment and knowing if specific commitments or rights have been done or gotten specifically is yet one more function of a labour attorney.

The settlement of salaries is also an area where lawful knowledge perhaps required if as an example an employee has actually not been compensated for extra operation done. Furthermore a company could additionally look for the services of a reputed work attorney specializing in an array of competencies such as suggesting a company on adhering to certain methods which could help reduce the opportunities of lawsuits. Even more can work lawyer could protect an employer who has actually been charged as well as charged of wrongful termination of a staff member and check out if such a technique was deemed needed for the company.

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Commercial waste clearance targets cities and commercial premises. You may wonder, though, how this exercise is beneficial to the environment. Just continue reading to get more information.

  1. Commercial garbage collection aids in recycling exercise

Recycling is very friendly to the environment; this is because it encourages reproduction of already produced materials. Because of this, the rate at which resources are extracted from the environment is reduced. Commercial garbage collection helps in sourcing for materials that can be reused. These materials are later sorted and separated from the ones that cannot be recycled. In the end, this helps in sustaining the environment and makes it a better place for future generations.

  1. Collection of garbage eliminates bad smell

Bad smell can make life unbearable at business premises and towns. People will avoid the workplace due to bad odor, and in worst case scenarios, clients may also ‘run away’ from your premises. Garbage collection can help in eliminating bad smell. This is because the exercise doesn’t allow garbage to accumulate for long. This makes the environment a safe place for everyone to be, therefore.

  1. Collection of garbage helps in improving hygiene

Commercial collection of garbage helps in improving hygiene. This is because collection of garbage eliminates possibilities of scattering and accumulation of garbage at your business premise. Because of this, diseases wouldn’t spread easily. This is because germs wouldn’t have hiding grounds to hide. As a result, you will enjoy good health at work. In order to achieve this, though, you should collect garbage regularly. You need to hire the services of a good garbage collection company and agree on the frequency with which they’ll be coming to collect the garbage. In this way, you will manage garbage efficiently.


Commercial garbage collection is very beneficial. It not only ensures that the environment is sustainable, but ensures general hygiene as well. If you would like to enjoy these benefits, you need to hire a commercial garbage collection company. Even so, be sure to only hire the best garbage collection company.