How to prevent break ins?

prevent break ins

“Burglars”, the human look alike parasites, keep a 24×7 vision on your hard earned possessions. Why a parasite? Because they feed on your money and make you bankrupt. Be it any safe or high tech vault, nothing escapes the resoluteness of these raiders. To keep your assets from the safe-breakers, all you require is a bit more attention and a read through this article. Stay with us and we will introduce to some of the daily hacks which will keep these intruders away from your property.

Keep thieves away from your property:

Borders are the best way to convey others regarding their “limits”. A strong fence can prove to be very helpful if you wish to prevent any kind of unethical intrusion into your property. No, No.. I am not telling you to hire a personal security force and train them like soldiers. Instead, a couple of security guards at the entrance will help to an extent when it comes to preventing robbery. Do make sure that the guards do carry some armaments for their as well as your safety. In addition to this, some of the following points should be taken care of:

  • Regular trimming of any kind of grass or shrubs in your lawn
  • A periodic watch on the exterior so as to point out the flaws in the security measures
  • Installation of CCTV at the entrance
  • Make sure that your surroundings remain well-lit even on the darkest nights
  • Keeping the vicinity of your house clean and tidy reduces the risk of invasion to quite an extent
  • Interact with your neighbours to get to know more about them
  • Do not let the nature help the robbers in any way. Make sure to chop down those branches which come close to any of the window
  • Let your family outing plans be limited within the boundaries.
  • Using Quality roller shutters and ensuring roller shutter repairs on time to ensure it isn’t easy to break in

But.. What if the burglars still manage to enter the house?

Records are meant to be broken, as so are the security systems. No matter secure your house is, it can be breached. So, this is what should you do for such situations (apart from panicking around of course):

  • Keep your doors and windows properly bolted. This will slow down the intruders and give you some more time to think
  • In case you are moving to a new place, do not forget to change the old lock.
  • Stop hiding your keys beneath the flower pots or inside the shoe racks. It is just inviting the other person to rob your house.
  • Install CCTVs(night vision enabled) on the prime areas
  • Metal bars on doors and windows provide additional security.
  • Maintain proper visibility in your gallery, hall and verandas etc. even at night.

And what to do when the shop has already been lifted???

In such situations, entering the house is the stupidest step one can take. Despite, you should call the police as throwing yourself unarmed before them is just dragging yourself to the cemetery. In case you find anything suspicious regarding your house:

  • Call the police before entering the house yourself
  • Avoid physical contact with door handles or any other object. You may hide the thief’s fingerprints beneath yours.
  • Call you neighbours immediately for your own safety.
  • Call a Shutter repair service immediately so they can come and fix your shop and prevent further damage.