The Lewisham Islamic Centre Information

The Lewisham Islamic Centre is situated in the South London Borough of Lewisham and has a thriving community that participates in social and religious activities on a weekly basis.

lew imageA vast amount of people will visit the centre every week and is very popular with people of various ages.

The centre is open for daily prayers and can accommodate up to One Thousand people, with an addition building available if required.

Other services that the centre provides are advice on Religion, Lawyer Surgery’s, Scouts Group, Marriage Solemnisation, the Young Muslim Academy and Wing Chung self defense classes.

To keep up to date and view the centre’s latest videos , you can visit the Official Lewisham Islamic Centre YouTube Channel.

The centre’s address is 363-365 Lewisham High St, London SE13 6NZ and phone number is 020 8690 5090 or visit the Just Giving page at