How to become well known photographer

photography, it’s an interesting field and a great career. However, how can you separate yourself form all this wannabe photographers, and become truly great? The first thing that you have to realise, it’s that it takes great amount of dedication, to become succeed in any field, and photography it’s no exception. However, if you’ll follow these steps you will get there much faster.

  • This might sound obvious, but you have to have a website with a killer portfolio, if you want to succeed as a photographer. So many amateur photographers are surprised that no one wants to offer them a job, and when I ask them if they have a website with a portfolio they tell me, that they have only Facebook. The website it’s what really separates professional from amateur.
  • If you want to become well known photographer, it’s important that you are well connected. For example, if you want to be a wedding photographer, it’s good idea to know people who offer a wedding venues, so if their clients ask for photographer, they can recommend you. The same it’s true if you know people who own art galleries. If you know someone and have a good rapport with them, their more likely to be nice to you, and let you have an exhibition in their gallery or studio.
  • Work on your personality, it’s crucial that you have good people skills. This will help you in many areas of your life, but most importantly while dealing with potential clients.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition, you want to be unique. Especially as an unforgettable photograph. You want people who see your pictures to know who’s the author. Your style needs to be clearly recognisable.


In might be hard to become the best photographer, however if you’re really passionate about it, you will find this journey enjoyable.