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Why You Should Have EHIC Card When Traveling In Europe For Studies/Business?

Ever since the UK voted to exit the EU, there have been concerns about what will change, what one should expect when traveling across the EU, and so on so forth. Well, all these concerns are justified, considering the rampant misinformation and propaganda that was spread in the run-up to the vote. When it comes to traveling across the EU, there will be little changes if any, for UK citizens. Besides, hundreds of thousands of EU citizens continue to live and work here in the UK; likewise, thousands of UK nationals are living and working in other EU nations. As such, it is only prudent that the existing mechanisms of movement and travel of people are maintained. Ever since the European Health Insurance Card replaced the former E111 card, hundreds of thousands of UK nationals have benefited from that. And with plans underway for the UK to leave the EU, EHIC card is going to be in use for the near and foreseeable future.

So, it makes sense to have an EHIC card when traveling across Europe?

  • Yes, it makes much sense to always have your EHIC card when traveling in Europe. First and foremost, this card acts as a safe way out in case you find yourself in need of medical attention while in an EU country. The European Health Insurance Card was founded to help citizens of member countries travel with peace of mind, knowing that they can as well access medical care in the respective countries, if need be.
  • Most public facilities across the EU and Switzerland will admit or treat UK citizens who have the European Health Insurance Card. Most people argue that it is sufficient to have a private health insurance. But in the real sense, EHIC is more readily acceptable, as most public facilities would rather deal with NHS when it comes to matters reimbursements, than a private insurance company. Each of these two plays a unique role that the other cannot replicate.
  • The beauty of having a EHIC card with you when traveling is that it is flexible and generous in its coverage. Although it doesn’t help you pay 100% for the total cost of treatment, it enables you to access world class healthcare at subsidized costs, in any of the European Economic Areas. In its absence, you’d have to contend with seeking treatment in a private facility, which would be costlier at the end.
  • Today, the process of applying for a European Health insurance Card has been greatly simplified. Here in the UK, you don’t have to struggle alone; there are reputable agents who’ll help you apply for a EHIC card before traveling to Europe, or renew an expired one. These services are offered by third party entities, and are especially useful when you have to travel on a short notice, or lose your EHIC card while in a European country. Reference:


Get a reliable website today and apply for your European Health Insurance Card today. You can’t afford to travel across Europe without this important card.