Who is Andrew Charalambous

Mr Andrew Charalambous is a private landlord and entrepreneur from London in the United Kingdom.

In 2014, he won the award of Outstanding Entrepreneur in 2014 at the Global Business Excellence Awards and was described in the Times Newspaper as different kind of social entrepreneur.

Andrew feels that the UK Government is not doing enough to help the near two Million people on the waiting list for housing and has his company has made it a little easier for people to rent a property.

There are a number of obstacles when trying to rent a property and if you claim housing benefit it is possible that you will not be in favour as much as a person that does claim it. As a result, you could possibly lose out.

Andrew thinks that you should not be treated unfairly or discriminated against if you need to claim housing benefit and wants a level playing field.

Andrew and his company has helped by making the application process so much easier, meaning that if you are in need of a property you will not have the obstacles that you will come across using traditional methods by using a small letting firm or landlord not attached to a business.

The process does not ask you for financial records or a reference from one or more people, most often a past landlord.

Also no deposit is needed as security od accidental damage or non-payment of rent and bills. Mr Charalambous thinks that this can actually improve the relationship of the tenant and landlord. As a result, he claims that people stay in his accommodation twice as much the duration of the national average due to the ease of the whole process. He feels that this also reduces the chance of late or non-payment of rent.

Andrew is currently the spokesperson for the United Kingdom Independence Party on the Environment and housing. You can find out what he is up to currently doing and follow him on his personal blog at or the official Andrew Charalambous Pinterest page